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E Pluribus Unum is a kinship on the Nimrodel server. We are casual and family friendly. If you are interested in joining you can find us in game or you may post in our Forums under Kinship Information. We hope to see you in Middle Earth!
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Sunday Social With Your Kin!

TheDogma, Jun 6, 13 9:19 PM.
Members of E Pluribus Unum,

We are planning a new activity to take place on sunday evenings around 7 p.m. eastern. The Sunday Social will be determined by the needs of the many and will include but in no way are limited to deeding, craft mat collecting, kin parade, concert, party, or even an old fashioned game of hide and seek.

We have also started a discussion about having a kin lottery and/or a kin bank. If anyone has any ideas on how this could better help the kin please feel free to forward them to Talshaya or Ingiogal (and her cast of thousands of alts).

The kin is always open to any other ideas of the members so feel free to give them voice as well to Talshaya, Ingiogal or any officer.

Keep an eye out for these and other changes in the near future. E Pluribus Unum IS coming back and we will be better than ever. We will be a kin that everyone wants to be a part of. Stick around and see.

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